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What Is San Antonio SAFFE Unit?

San Antonio Fear Free Environment

The central core of SAPD's Community Policing activities is the SAFFE (San Antonio Fear Free Environment) Unit. First established in 1994-95 with 60 officers and supervisors, then enlarged in 1996 with an additional 40 officers, the SAFFE Unit consists of officers who focus on identifying, evaluating and resolving community crime problems with the cooperation and participation of community residents.

What do SAFFE Officers do?

SAFFE officers are assigned to specific areas or neighborhoods within the city, and work closely with both residents and the district patrol officers also assigned to those areas. SAFFE officers establish and maintain day-to-day interaction with residents and businesses within their assigned beats, in order to prevent crimes before they happen. SAFFE officers also act as liaisons with other city agencies, work closely with schools and youth programs, coordinate graffiti-removal activities, and serve as resources to residents who wish to take back their neighborhoods from crime and decay.

How many SAFFE SAPD Substations are there?

SAFFE officers are assigned to each of the six Service Areas Substations and can be contacted at the numbers listed below.

  • Central - SAFFE: 210. 207.7413

  • East - SAFFE: 210. 207.7566

  • North - SAFFE: 210. 207.8350

  • Prue NW - SAFFE: 210. 207.7169

  • South- SAFFE: 210.207.8964

  • West - SAFFE: 210.207.7421

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