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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

District 2 East Side San Antonio Police Ride Along

SAPD offers a variety of ways for community members to work closely with the police through organized programs and individual activities. San Antonio residents can form partnerships with the police to make their neighborhoods safer places to live. Below AAOR's Founder/President Emery Johnson and Vice President Maurice Moseley explains Their Experience with their ride along with East substation San Antonio police department.

MLK Plaza San Antonio Tx


Founder/President Emery Johnson

The ride along experience gave me a perspective that enabled me to understand what an officer’s operating reality looks like. I rode shotgun with Officer Kevin Bell. He provided insight regarding protocols that take place on the way to certain situations, communication tactics that are important when dealing with disputes, and the process required after responding to calls. Part of the time I was with Officer Bell, we discussed his why, when it came to becoming a police officer… the community focused organization he’s a part of (Black Police Officer Coalition) which added to the humanity of those that wear the badge. I was able to witness the connections he’s made with people and business owners, and how much they trust him through their willingness to ask tough questions, and to ask for assistance with certain issues. It was comforting to see the selfless approach that was conveyed in those moments throughout the night. Thank you to Officer Bell and the SAPD for allowing AAOR to be a part of the ride along experience. Knowledge is an important step on the road to the power of unity and someone has to be willing to get out of their comfort zone in order to truly understand. That’s where the feeling of disappointment, hate, and isolation begins to change into love, accountability and unity. By taking the time to see what an officer’s day looks like, I was able to mentally strip away some of the biases I once had.

Vice President Maurice Moseley

" Wow!" would be the only word I can use to describe how I experienced my ride along with Officer Burks. Not only was he professional, but he had so much knowledge on the community he was patrolling. The questions I asked officer Burks, he gave me real answers instead of dancing around my questions. Officer Burks showed me the toughest parts of district 2 and also gave me the opportunity to handle a house call and business emergency call with him. The highlight of my 12 hr. shift with Officer Burks was when he gave me a opportunity to counsel a young woman who maybe made a wrong decision on her life. Would I do a ride along again? Sign me up!

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