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The Burning Building

We sit in a burning building. Fire surrounds us. We see families, friends, neighbors, communities choking on fumes. Barely able to breath. The leaders of the house wear masks in the shadow of the smoke and insist that water is on order. "Just lay low" they say, "we work for you... but it's important that you stay down there." We say, "here's an idea", pushing us low, they reply, "your idea will bring you up here, you can't fit the masks we wear." You see, the fire is a smoke screen for control. We're held hostage by smoke in mirrors... Without the distractions that cause chaos the power trip is easily detected. Without confusion we might realize that the blind, up there, can't lead those who see, down here. Held low because of a lack of understanding... Sent low due to malnourishment of truth. No longer can I ignore the people that hurt. I don't want to neglect a need for clarity, purpose and freedom! I want everyone to know that the system will collapse!

But, take heart, an exodus is afoot.

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