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3 Reasons Why I Joined This Nonprofit.

It could be so many reasons why a CHH (Christian HipHop) DJ would join a nonprofit but below I will give you the 3 main reasons why I joined Against All Odds Rise (AAOR) summer of 2021.

Auburn Creek Apartments 5/27/2021

“Keeping God first and having a relationship with God and a feel-good atmosphere.”

That’s how I describe myself as a DJ. Never afraid to go too deep, my emotive musical selections are my own therapy. Having grown up on my mother’s gospel music (John P. Kee, Mississippi Mass Choir),( Kirk Franklin, The Winans ), it became infused with my own love for both hip-hop and R&B music. I ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Today, this translates into sets where I pick apart and infuse together all the pieces of the music that I love best: The word of God, beautiful synth work, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hook. All on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling hip-hop beat.

A very active member of my local community, I'm no stranger to the ups-and-downs of a small-town music scene. Though I loved playing in nightclubs, patios and special events, my love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing.

Now I've gotten that out the way lets really dig deep into the opinion of DJ Royal Love (Thats me!). Here are 3 reasons why DJ Royal Love Joined AAOR.


#1: GOD

In everything you have to have a strong foundation. I choose God to be my foundation in everything I do, and the reasoning for that is simply because I tried it my way and with my understanding and it got me nowhere. In addition, through Prayer, Patience, Love, and Obedience the Lord will guide you to where he wants you to be and that's where I stand today with AAOR because God put me here.


Being a military veteran myself I can understand some tactics that officers have to do, but to really understand their mentality I really wanted to dig deep into their everyday reality. I wanted to understand why there is a disconnect with officers and the community. Does it have to do with mental health? If so, what resources do officers have to deal with their mental health? I'm here to help officers to have a shoulder or ear to help the healing process. I want every Officer to know that God heals, God helps, and God is the only way to peace. It starts with your Foundation. What is your foundation?


The Community is broken because of media and other fake news. I would love to be the example to show others that there are resources in our city that can and will assist in bridging the gap between officers and the community itself. We just have to continue to educate and bring what we know to everyone's front door. Love is everything, and I believe that love is misunderstood. For example, my definition of love is God. So, if you don't know who God is how can you understand what love is? With that understanding everything else in life will make sense. We just have to bring this mindset to a community, and it can help not only there but in individual hearts.

With AAOR we have our foundation; now we just need to listen to God and put in the work. I would love for everyone to continue to put in the work and join us in our mission. Not only to bridge the gap between officers and community, but to educate on what your foundation could be and how we are all held together both in a mental space and physically space. Let's do it together through Unity.
Let me know what you think about what's going on in your community.

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